Iwata once again rejects new digital models

Ben Parfitt
Iwata once again rejects new digital models

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata insists that his company will not publish games unfinished and requiring further purchases to enjoy in full.

In announcing the Wii U’s digital distribution service, called the Nintendo Network, Iwata suggested it was inaccurate to compare the firm's online policy to “the ones used for social games”.

“Nintendo, as a software maker, does not plan to [run a business] where our consumers cannot know in advance which [product] will appear as the result of their payment,” Iwata said. “As a software maker, Nintendo believes that its packaged software should be sold to our consumers in a form so that the consumers will know in advance that they can enjoy playing the software they purchased just as it is.”

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good, iv stopped buying any games like forza 4 that come out with loads of dlc after launch for stupid prices, that should have been in the original game anyway!

Paul Arkz

Jan 27th 2012 at 10:45AM

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yes but being nintendo they could offer a "finished" game, but offer extras add-ons for those that want them! for example i've played mario kart 7 on 3ds to death and am pretty bored with the tracks, whats the harm in offering extras tracks for download? i think they need to reconsider this. especially as mario kart wii is 5 years old now, and no sign of a sequel, and i believe around 24million people own it, thats an awful lot of potential downloads they missing out on!!

Ben Mullinger

Ben Mullinger INDUSTRY
Jan 27th 2012 at 12:54PM

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dont get me wrong, i like dlc, but not when were being screwed.. dlc that comes out months later and brings you back to a game is good. dlc that comes out at the games launch that should have been part of the original game= bad. EA are bad with this, content on the disc locked out but you can buy it... lame

Paul Arkz

Jan 27th 2012 at 1:06PM

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