Langdell is back... with a new game

Ben Parfitt
Langdell is back... with a new game

Having made a name for himself as the man who failed to trademark the word 'Edge', Tim Langdell has taken a short break from laughable litigation to do the unthinkable – he's released a video game.

Published by Langdell's Edge Games, Edgebobby 2 is currently available on the Apple App Store for 59p.

It's described as a sequel to the "highly popular" Bobby Bearing. That's a 1986 C64, Spectrum and Amstrad game Langdell released in 1986.

The long path Langdell actually releasing a game has seen him challenge and fail a host of companies over the use of the term edge including Mobigame (regarding iOS title Edge), Future Publishing (regarding Edge magazine) and EA (regarding Mirror's Edge).


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