Lenovo ousts alleged poor Samsung tablet sales

Ben Parfitt
Lenovo ousts alleged poor Samsung tablet sales

First the HP TouchPad was abandoned before it even got going, and now it is claimed that another high-profile iPad 2 rival is having a tough time on the market.

An executive at electricals firm Lenovo has claimed Samsung sold just 20,000 units of the 1m Galaxy Tabs it shipped to retail last year, The Guardian reports.

Samsung itself has never released any sales numbers for the Android-powered device, though has previously admitted that the shipped figure was notably higher than the sales figure.

Lenovo itself reckons that the toughest fight any potential new tablet faces is undercutting the £399 iPad without selling the new machine at a loss. Speaking of a potential £349 price point Lenovo’s Andrew Barrow said "at that price, any [manufacturer] would be giving money away".

Since the launch of the seven-inch Galaxy Tab, Samsung has launched a number of new models including the larger Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the new Galaxy Tab 7.7.


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