London trade show looms

Games Market Europe, the new London-based trade show, kicks off a week today.

It runs on Wednesday August 31st and Thursday September 1st at the Business Design Centre, Islington. It is the only UK industry trade show this year and attendance is free.

Following a 12 month-period which saw the demise of retail forum SCoRE and trade shows ECTS and EGN, Games Market Europe is being hailed as a saviour event - with everyone in the business encouraged to seize back the initiative from mainland European competition.

But event director Andy Lane has issued a note of caution: "The support and determination of the industry to retain its own trade show destiny has been a real encouragement, but we need all areas of the business - from Saturday worker to European managing director and everyone in between - to be there at the show.

"This is probably our last chance to keep a trade event in this country. Remember, the vast majority of the industry's employees don't have a massive expense account to burn on flights and accommodation in mainland Europe or the US."

Some 2,000 people have pre-registered for the event, which opens at 10am on August 31st 2005.

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