Looking to change jobs in 2013?

James Batchelor
Looking to change jobs in 2013?

Time's running out to make your views known on the jobs market in 2013 with MCV's annual salary survey.

You only have one week to take part, either by filling in the form below or by clicking here. The deadline is Tuesday, January 15th.

MCV's annual survey salary is open to anyone in the games industry and developers from across the UK, Europe, North America and around the world are invited to take part. 

The survey is completely anonymous and covers yoru salary expectations, plans to move jobs or work abroad and how satisfied you are with your current role.

Our survey consists of questions covering everything from salary and bonuses through to whether or not readers are confident about the year ahead – and we guarantee it will help your first working week pass quicker. By at least five minutes.

We also plan to revive the popular Jobs In Games online special that we ran on MCVuk.com in September: one month of jobs profiles, insight from recruitment experts and tips on how to get that perfect job. Contact Jennie.Lane@intentmedia.co.uk or James.Batchelor@intentmedia.co.uk to find out how you can get involved.

Results will be printed in upcoming issues of MCV and our sister magazine Develop that will be are dedicated to recruitment later this month.

For information on the recruitment advertising opportunities in MCV and contact Lesley Blumson or Jennie Lane

For information on the recruitment advertising opportunities in Develop contact Alex Boucher.


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