Mass Effect 3 CE explained

Ben Parfitt
Mass Effect 3 CE explained

Developer BioWare has detailed the extras gamers can expect to see in the Collector's Edition of Mass Effect 3.

The game will come packaged in a metal case featuring artwork of both the male and female default Commander Shephards.

Inside there will be a 70-page hardback art book, a limited edition Dark Horse comic, a fabric N7 patch, a 4x6 lithographic print, digital soundtrack and a Normandy prop for Xbox 360 avatars.

There will also be a host of digital in-game content including the N7 Arsenal Pack (sniper rifle, shotgun, SMG and pistol), a robotic dog, an Alternate Outfit pack and an N7 Hoodie for Shephard.

The SKU will release alongside the main game on March 6th. It will carry a US RRP of $79.99.


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