MCV India Weekly Wrap-Up

Sameer Desai
MCV India Weekly Wrap-Up

This week on MCV India, we’ve taken up the case for something we believe the Indian games industry sorely needs – a dedicated trade body focussed purely on gaming.

There’s also been a fair amount of activity in the games retail space this week. And of course, with E3 recently concluded, we’ve also highlighted a couple of games that stood out for us.

Here’s a quick round-up of some of this week’s stories from’s sister site, MCV India:

  • Opinion: Why India desperately needs a dedicated trade body for gaming - How significant the Indian games industry is right now depends purely on whom you ask, and that needs to change. FULL STORY
  • Microsoft U-turns on Xbox One used game, always-on policies - India still won’t get the console officially till late 2014, but in the latest policy reversals is hidden some good news for Indian Xbox fans. FULL STORY
  • Monsoon sales hit retail - The monsoon isn’t exactly a season Indians look forward to, but it’s just the excuse retailers needed to offer huge discounts on games. FULL STORY
  • Game4u now taking PS4 preorders - Sony still hasn’t announced if or when the PS4 will release in India, but that hasn’t stopped one retailer from starting its preorder campaign for the console. FULL STORY
  • Mad Max: Five things you should know - We came away quite impressed from our behind-closed-doors preview of Avalanche Studios’ new Mad Max game. FULL STORY

Head over to MCV India for more of this week’s stories.

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