MCV Pacific Weekly Wrap-Up

Leigh Harris
MCV Pacific Weekly Wrap-Up

Hype grows around the MCV Pacific Awards this week, while there are a couple of movers and shakers and PAX Australia sells out.

  • There's more MCV Pacific Awards news, as All Interactive Entertainment jumps onboard as the entryway sponsor for the event.
  • Adam Guetti (pictured), co-founder of Australian gaming site Dusty Cartridge, has joined the Australian Official Playstation Magazine as a staff writer.
  • Rebecca Tannous, Product Manager at Mindscape Australia, is leaving the industry with an as yet unannounced replacement set to start in the role next week.
  • A new 'Triple A indie' studio has opened up in Melbourne, comprised of former EA, Atari, Crystal Dynamics and Criterion staff.
  • Three months before the show is even set to start (and after it increased its capacity previously) PAX Australia has now completely sold out of tickets.
  • Activision supports eSports down under, with the Australian and New Zealand qualifiers for the Call of Duty Championship taking place in Sydney.
  • Australian and New Zealand reviewers agree with the rest of the world: Bioshock Infinite is simply an incredible game.


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