MCV Pacific Wrap-Up

Leigh Harris
MCV Pacific Wrap-Up

This week, GAME Australia still on solid ground, Sony interviewed on Vita launch, R18+ incoming, and a new MCV Pacific partnership.

  • With the cavalcade of news pouring out of GAME UK, MCV looks at the state of GAME Australia and speaks to MD Paul Yardley about the ongoing stability of the company here. With no games being neglected from its range and no store closures as yet, GAME Australia is still holding strong.
  • The R18+ bill has begun sincere debate in parliament, with no immediately obvious hurdles popping up as it makes its way through parliament and looks to be introduced into law by 2013.
  • MCV Pacific joins EA and Sony Computer Entertainment Australia as the local Supporting Media Partner for the upcoming FIFA Interactive World Cup, to be hosted at EB Games stores throughout the country next week. More coverage, interviews and exclusives to come
  • MCV interviews Patrick Lagana, Marketing Manager for Sony Computer Entertainment Australia about the local Playstation Vita launch and how it's expected to fare in the coming months.



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