MICROSOFT: £429 Xbox One November launch confirmed

Ben Parfitt
MICROSOFT: £429 Xbox One November launch confirmed

Xbox One will launch worldwide this November.

The machine will cost £429 in the UK, $499 in the US and €499 in Europe. That’s certainly what can be described as ‘premium’ pricing territory.

The company tonight revealed a host of exclusive and upcoming games for the console including Halo 5 (2014), Battlefield 4 (with timed exclusive DLC), Dead Rising 3 (exclusive), Project Spark (exclusive), D4, Minecraft for Xbox One, Quantum Break (exclusive), Titanfall (exclusive), Forza 5 (exclusive), Sunset Overdrive (the first Xbox game from Insomniac), Killer Instinct (exclusive) and Metal Gear Solid V.

A freshly redesigned Xbox 360 was also revealed and should be available imminently.


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