Microsoft considers games for Zune

Speaking in an interview with website Total Video Games, Xbox European boss Chris Lewis said that the company’s history in the sector was a major influence.

“You can already plug your Zune device into your Xbox 360 to stream music, pictures and video content,” said Lewis. “Looking ahead, the vision for connected entertainment provides a number of consumer scenarios and with our heritage in Xbox and Games For Windows, gaming is certainly something [that] we’re considering for the device.”

The news comes just months after Apple added in-built gaming functionality to its iPod, adding downloadable 2D games to its iTunes service including EA’s Tetris, Mahjong and Mini Golf.

Microsoft’s Zune launched in the US to much fanfare last month, but a set date for a European release has yet to be set. The corporation has previously stated that it is “way off launch” in the territory, fuelling rumours that device won’t land here until 2008.

Xbox 360 gamers already have an advantage over non-gaming owners of Zune – they can earn songs via Xbox Live. After accruing 79 Microsoft Points – around 80p –through Microsoft’s online gaming service, users can purchase a single track to download.

Like iPod, the standard Zune model is a 30GB device, and includes an FM tuner and Wi-Fi capabilities. It holds a three inch colour screen and works in tandem with Microsoft Windows and Media Player.


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