Microsoft "flattered" by PS3 copycat plans

Speaking exclusively to MCV following the San Jose GDC event, Lewis offered his reaction to the news of Sony’s PlayStation Network Platform and Nintendo Virtual Console.

“It’s certainly flattering to see that our competition rates aspects of Xbox 360 and Xbox Live so highly that they’re integrating these features into their own product,” he blasted.

Further dismissing the rhetoric from Sony and Nintendo, he added: “But we’ll wait and see what actually makes it to market. I’ve been in the industry long enough to know that initial claims don’t always match reality. We are concentrating on our business.”

With Xbox 360 already on the market, Microsoft had a lower profile at GDC than both of its rivals. But one significant announcement made by the games giant was the very matter which third parties, retail and consumers have been waiting for: a step-up in the manufacturing of 360 hardware.

“We’re now in a position to be shipping a significantly increased quantity of consoles to retail on a weekly basis,” Lewis explained to MCV. “With component supplies in full production and three manufacturing partners now up and running, we’re producing more Xbox 360 consoles than ever. Consumers in Europe will very soon be able to walk into retail and come home with a console. Demand has been incredible and we have been consistently selling out as we replenish each week. But, as I have said, the stock position is now even more plentiful and this is true across all of our existing European countries.”


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