Microsoft's top of the range Surface Pro 2 costs £1,439

Ben Parfitt
Microsoft's top of the range Surface Pro 2 costs £1,439

The second generation of Microsoft’s Surface tablet PCs have been revealed.

Called simply Surface 2, there are two entry-level models based on an update of the now ill-fated Surface RT. The 32GB model will cost £359 and the 64GB will cost £439. Both offer a 1080p screen and Tegra 4 CPU.

Prices jump up considerably for the Surface 2 Pro models, however.

These are being billed as replacements for full PCs, offering full-spec Windows 8.1, four USB ports and the latest Intel Core i5 CPU, as well as a significant battery performance boost.

There are four models. The first offers 4GB or RAM and 64 GB of storage and costs £719. There’s also a 4GB/128GB model for £799 and an 8GB/256GB version for £1,039.

At the top of the range the 8GB/512GB model will retail for an eye-watering £1,439.

All models will arrive in the UK on October 22nd


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