Microsoft takes action against Immersion

Ben Parfitt
Xbox 360 platform holder Microsoft has turned the tables on joypad rumble specialists Immersion by filing a lawsuit against the company which itself took legal action against Microsoft and Sony in 2002.

The initial dispute concerned the use of patented rumble technology in both the Xbox and PS2 joypads. Microsoft settled in 2003 at a cost of $26 million, and even took a stake in the company, whilst Sony settled earlier this year – a fact that many cite as the reason why PS3’s Sixaxis pad is rumble-less.

However, Microsoft has now said that Immersion is not living up to its part in the deal, possibly in relation to Immersion’s recent agreement with Sony.

“We entered into a binding licensing agreement with Immersion and are seeking to have that agreement honoured,” Microsoft associate general counsel Steve Aeschbacher stated.

“Microsoft licenses technology both in and out and relies on these agreements to be honoured and enforced. Our request to the court is that all companies and industry partners should play by the same rules and that the binding agreement we signed with Immersion be honoured.”


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