Modern Warfare 2 for £26

Ben Parfitt
Modern Warfare 2 for £26

At the beginning of October Tesco took the lead in the video games price war by slashing EA’s FIFA 10 to an astonishing £24.97, but this time it’s Sainsbury’s turn to lead the charge by slashing the RRP of Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

From midnight tonight the supermarket will offer Infinity Ward’s latest shooter for an astonishing £26 – a price well under half the £55 RRP.

Upon phoning a Sainsbury’s store this morning, before MCV had even named the game we wanted to know the price of, we were told by a representative of a Hampshire location: “£26. Call of Duty, right? You’re about the tenth person to call this morning. I spent all day yesterday taking these calls.

“We didn’t actually know the price until today – we were told it was secret. But it’s advertised in the papers this morning so now we know.”


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