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Namco's Tales series heads to Europe

Christopher Dring
Namco's Tales series heads to Europe

Two games in the popular RPG Tales franchise will get a release in Europe.

Hit PS2 2005 game Tales of Abyss is being totally remade for 3DS and is getting a global release.

"We were there at the launch of 3DS and we are totally committed to this platform," said Namco Bandai's VP Olivier Comte.

Meanwhile, Tales of Graces F for PS3, which was released in Japan last year to rave reviews, will also get a Euro release.

Both games are due in 2012.

The Namco Bandai Tales have been consistent sellers in Japan, regularly achieving critical acclaim. However, only a handful of these games have ever made it to Europe.

The announcements were made as part of a special Namco Bandai presentation in Dubai. The publisher used the event to show off more from its other big JRPG release, Dark Souls.


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