Namco sets low price for Titans

Dominic Sacco
Namco sets low price for Titans

Namco Bandai has set the RRP of upcoming action adventure game Clash of the Titans at just £29.99, ahead of the game’s May 28th launch.

The movie tie-in is a third cheaper than most PS3 and Xbox 360 multiformat titles which usually have an RRP of £44.99 or £49.99.

UK product manager Lauren Bradley said: “We know it is the price point that triggers healthy sales within the mainstream market, especially in the case of film tie-ins.

“To reflect that the game is releasing towards the end of the movie window we will be launching with an attractive RRP of £29.99 on both PS3 and Xbox 360 formats.

“We then hope to see a peak in sales with the reinvigoration of Warner Bros’ marketing campaign around the launch of the movie on DVD and Blu-ray.”

Clash of the Titans first screened in UK cinemas on April 2nd. The game pits players in the shoes of Perseus who must hack ‘n’ slash his way through over 100 monsters from ancient greek mythology. The story is based on the film’s events and includes 80 co-op side quests.

Retailers are advertising Clash of the Titans for pre-order online, with Zavvi offering the lowest price at £22.95 and Amazon at £23.30.

Clash of the Titans the video game is scheduled for release on May 28th on Xbox 360 and PS3.


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