New boxed sales just 54% of market

Ben Parfitt
New boxed sales just 54% of market

Sales of brand new boxed games on the High Street now account for just 54 per cent of the overall video games market according to a new study entitled the Newzoo Games Market Report.

The remaining 46 per cent, it claims, is accounted for by sales of pre-owned games, DLC, digitally distributed titles, game subscriptions, microtransactions, skill gaming, virtual currency and mobile game sales.

The report also claims to give figures for the total market value, including all of the sectors listed above, for a number of key territories. It also gives what it believes are the total number of gamers. The list is as follows:

Value: $25,290,000,000
Gamers: 183,500,000

Value: £3,780,000,000
Gamers: 31,100,000

Value: €3,650,000,000
Gamers: 35,500,000


Value: €3,560,000,000
Gamers: 25,400,000

Value: €590,000,000
Gamers: 9,300,000


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