New Gamestation site launches with £99 Xbox 360

Ben Parfitt
New Gamestation site launches with £99 Xbox 360

The new-look and websites are now live.

And furthermore, the retailer is celebrating the arrival of the new Gamestation look with a string of offers, the leading one of which is the chance to grab a 250GB Xbox 360 for just £100.

At the time of writing the machine is still showing up at £179.99 when put into the basket, but the site says that prices will “change randomly throughout the day”.

A host of community features have been added to the site, including the chance to earn ‘Accolades’ for fulfilling certain tasks. There’s also the chance to interact with other gamers and to review games.

Click & Collect is now also possible and users are able to link their Gamestation Elite cards to their site profile.

“For months we've been busy building a site that you can be proud of, built for gamers and built by gamers,” the blurb reads. “You've seen the basics, but now everything is in place and it's ready for you to call your own. We've got some killer deals to celebrate the official launch and they're just for you.

“So check out the official launch of where you'll find the best games at great prices but also, you'll be able to talk to gamers from around the world in our your community.”


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WOW its almost like the release of a new game, how many patches and bugfixes will they need for these sites they have been up and down all day ! Maybe they should have had a closed beta !

Michael Pearce

Michael Pearce INDUSTRY
Aug 26th 2011 at 2:00PM

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Being a price comparison site it's important to us that if people see a great deal, that the website then converts the potention buyer to a sale. Both sites had teething problems on launch, and I'm sure they've been working hard to resolve... but I'm not confident the Game re-design is a step forward.

Carl Warrent

Carl Warrent INDUSTRY
Aug 27th 2011 at 9:46AM

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