Retail reveals PS3 Super Slim pricing

Ben Parfitt
Retail reveals PS3 Super Slim pricing

Sony will be focusing on its value-added message as the new PS3 Super Slim looks to shave little off the current PS3 ticket price.

HMV has confirmed that it will be offering the 500GB PS3 Super Slim complete with EA’s FIFA 13 for £249.99 upon its launch next Friday (September 28th).

Zavvi, however, is significantly undercutting the price, offering a bare-bones 500GB SKU for just £214.99. MCV would not be surprised to see that £214.99 price suddenly creep up to something around £244.99 in the very near future. It also has a range of 500GB consoles bundled with an assortment of titles.

The 12GB SKU, which will launch on October 12th, will cost £184.99 at HMV and £179.99 at Zavvi – a tad under the £200 RRP that the existing 160GB model offers but around and about what the machine can typically be had for on the High Street or online.

Expect the 12GB model to be bundled with some tasty extras, too, although the details of that are yet to be revealed.

Other retailers are expected to broadly fall in line with these prices, with many offering trade-in deals in the hope that consumers will hand over their current hardware to upgrade to the new model.


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