New UK publisher emerges

Michael French
New UK publisher emerges

The already crowded software market for Nintendo platforms is about to get a bit busier thanks to a new UK firm, MCV can reveal.

Bedfordshire-based publisher Enjoy Gaming plans to launch a raft of new IPs for the Nintendo DS early next year before widening its remit to next-gen consoles.

Headed by UK games development veteran Paul Tresise (pictured), the firm has already signed up a number of titles with plans to find more.

Enjoy will launch DSi-exclusive camera game System Flaw in February along with Wii titles including Yoga, Vegas Party and The Island of Dr. Frankenstein. The firm plans to release 20 titles over the next 12 months developed by a mix of in-house and external teams.

Tresise said: “Between us we’ve built scores of connections in the industry, which have proved vital for the successful start of Enjoy. For me, publishing was a natural progression, the next logical step after working with and for publishers. I reached a stage where my international experience gave me a unique insight into publishing, and Enjoy is the result.

“For a new publisher, we are fortunate enough to be able to bring a great range of original and innovative games to market. Enjoy Gaming is an exciting company with big plans and partnerships with others allows us to create something which we know is going to develop and grow.”


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