NGP: Price, battery speculation begins

Ben Parfitt
NGP: Price, battery speculation begins

It's a premium device, and that fact immediately asks two questions of the NGP – how much will it cost and how long will the battery last?

Analysts are already throwing around figures of between $299 and $349. As a direct translation this would mean between £188 and £220 in the UK.

A surprisingly low figure, perhaps, though one backed up by Eurogamer who claims to have word from a source that Sony is prepared to "make a loss" on each device.

However, the trend in the mobile market is certainly one of accumulating cost. The DS launched for £100 in 2005. The 3DS, which arrives in the UK in March, will cost around £220.

The original PSP arrived in 2005 for £180. To think that Sony could match that with its new machine is, frankly, painfully hopeful. The success of the iPad and iPhone proves that customers will pay a premium device for a premium machine.

With regards to battery life, Eurogamer has been told that Sony is aiming for between six and eight hours off a single charge, though in reality a four or five hour battery life is more realistic. This brings it in line with Nintendo's 3DS.


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