Nindie scheme does have benefits

It follows claims from one anonymous independent that he can see no benefit in the newly-established scheme (MCV 3/3). Almost immediately upon publication of the story, another retailer – Julian Slater from Bits and Pieces in Macclesfield – responded, fiercely supporting the programme.

“What Koch has done here is listen to us and then tailor exactly to our needs,” he offered. “They have provided a selection of extra tools to assist us develop and grow our Nintendo business – and what better time with Revolution around the corner?

“The benefits I see are live access to a wide range of stock, giving my customers accurate and up-to-date information on when I can get them a title, order that product directly on the site and even have it delivered direct to my customer, saving them time on coming back in-store and eliminating any chance of them walking to a multiple.

“The Nindie site also gives me a chance to get information on new releases, download and order POS to suit promotions I want to run in my store. It’s much better than just receiving bundles of posters that I will never use.

“As for the the so-called massive trade price increases, I have been a customer of Koch for years and have always found them to be fair and more than competitive on pricing. “

Nintendo’s senior manager for associated markets and strategic partnerships Darren Gorton added: “With Nindie, Koch has come up with a fresh approach to helping Nintendo increase its support of the independent sector. These comments support the feedback we have already had and we are really pleased that indies are as excited about the opportunity as Nintendo.”


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