No low price for Euro Test Drive

Atari had announced that the game would ship in October with a $39.95 price tag. But MCV can reveal that the driving title will ship here at £49.99 or €69.99.

“The US and Europe are very different markets in terms of the penetration of Xbox 360 and HDTV,” explained CEO Bruno Bonnell. “The US is much more advanced than Europe so we believe the time is right to introduce a lower price point. This is why we have chosen to be aggressive. But we won’t do that in Europe.

“I don’t see it as a problem. In other markets, prices vary from territory to territory. We shouldn’t expect to be any different in this industry.”

Bonnell also offered MCV an insight into the decision to sell the Driver franchise – and the assets of Reflections – to Ubisoft: “The deal was no different to anything we’ve done before. We have to make some serious changes and Test Drive is now our key franchise in the driving genre.

“This has been a great deal for us. I wanted to ensure that the Reflections team would be okay. It was not done overnight; it was no fire sale.”


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