OPINION: The day one conundrum

Michael French
OPINION: The day one conundrum

We've had lots of praise lately for the way MCV has supported the industry during a tough start to the year.

And we’re grateful that many have noticed our proactive stance on 

what the trade’s strengths are. But MCV also has to be honest about its weaknesses, too. What exactly is going on with this year’s new releases to have had such embarrassing launches? 

There are lots of obvious answers. “The economy.” “Lack of innovation.” “Gamers have moved to digital platforms.” “Wrong marketing strategies.” “Lack of stock.” But none of them is a single good reason. The real answer is much more complex. 

The secret summits held by HMV and GAME may point the way forward in the long term, but for now the rest of us will be holding our breath to see if bigger hits like Mass Effect 3 deliver on their promise.


Data is one way we can help you understand the ways this market is being pushed and pulled in different directions. 

Our popular charts pages at the back of the mag now include more space for digital charts covering PC and app rankings and analysis – with more to come.

Meanwhile our media special includes bespoke stats from Comscore on the six of the most-watched UK games media sites.

Metrics alone can’t answer all the questions about a changing world – but they can keep you better informed about how things are changing.


Lastly have to be blind to not notice we’ve joined in with Sony celebrating the release of PS Vita.

I told a national newspaper this week that it’s the best answer the traditional games industry could have come up with against the advance of smartphone gaming. It has an it-almost-does-everything technology base, more elastic pricing, and a wide range of games in both delivery and execution.

Good luck to Sony for the launch – its UK team for one has worked 

very hard on getting the device out there. In this climate, people have considered that an uphill struggle. Here’s hoping the demand matches their efforts.


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Retail, and I mean all retail, have almost 'trained' consumers into waiting for a week or two for prices to drop dramatically. The amount of times I've heard someone say, with regards to games retail, how they'll wait for the price of a new title to drop in a week or so. I'm as guilty as the next person and do it myself.

In order to break this mentality retailers are going to have to collectively take a risk and pull back on these constant price wars. The chances of that happening is very slim however.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown INDUSTRY
Feb 24th 2012 at 4:06PM

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