Over 2m take part in Old Republic beta

Ben Parfitt
Over 2m take part in Old Republic beta

EA has said that upcoming MMO release Star Wars: The Old Republic has seen over 2m gamers participate in its recent beta.

Over 725k unique users took part over the US Thanksgiving weekend alone, with each player logging in for an average of 12 hours over the period.

"The game itself has a huge pre-existing fan base,” EA CFO Eric Brown told an audience at the Global Media and Communications Conference, Gamasutra reports.

“We had about 2.4m people register for the Star Wars fan site, over 2m of which volunteered to do [beta] testing for free. In terms of peak concurrent users, we had just over a quarter of a million people playing the game simultaneously."

Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released in Europe and America on December 20th.


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