PES 2009 cut to £27 at Asda

Christopher Dring
Hot on the heels of the FIFA ’09 price battle, Asda has slashed the price of Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 to just £27 on Xbox 360 and PS3.

The supermarket chain is also giving copies of the PS3 version away with every PlayStation 3 console bought.

Elsewhere, Blockbuster has followed its FIFA offer with a similar deal for Pro Evo. The PS3 and 360 SKUs are available for £34.99 and consumers will receive a free football with every order. Meanwhile, Tesco is selling the game for £34.71 on both PS3 and 360, with offering both games for £32.99.

Earlier this month, Morrisons sold FIFA ’09 on PS3 for £25. However, the grocery giant has told MCV that there won’t be a similar deal for PES.

“There is not going to be a similar promotion for Pro Evo,” said a spokesperson. “We’re selling the game for £39.99.”

The first reviews for Pro Evolution Soccer ’09 came tumbling in earlier this week, with the game due for release tomorrow.


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