Phil Fish sets up publishing-style Polytron Partners program

Ben Parfitt
Phil Fish sets up publishing-style Polytron Partners program

It very much sounds like a publishing business, but Fez creator Phil Fish has said it doesn’t want to describe it as such.

Developer and Indie Game: The Movie star Fish famously quit game development last summer but is now making a return of sorts via the Polytron Partners program.

“Polytron has spent the last 2 years getting its affairs in order – wrapping up Fez and its six subsequent ports kept us busy for a while,” Fish said. “Now that that’s done, and that we’ve had time to recharge, I’m super excited to finally close our first chapter and move on to the next one.

“We only got to make fez in the first place because of the help and support of a lot of cool people. Time to give back a little, you know?

“One word we’re trying real hard to avoid is ‘publishing’ because what does that even mean in 2014, really? Even saying it out loud feels wrong. ‘We’re publishers! Look at us! Publishing!’. Naw. It’s a partnership.”

Its first game will be Paronamical, which Fish says he’s been fascinated by “ever since experiencing it for the first time at Fantastic Arcade two years ago”. He will help with its production and promotion.


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