PlayStation France boss: "We'll be the last to announce new console"

Ben Parfitt
PlayStation France boss:

The boss of PlayStation France has stated that Sony is likely to be the last of the platform holders to announce a new console.

That’s according to a translation via OPM which quotes CEO Phillippe Cardone as claiming: “Sony is under less pressure than it’s rivals and will probably be the last to announce something.”

The claims come in stark contrast to MCV’s reveal last month that both Microsoft and Sony are planning on big next-gen reveals at E3 in June.

Indeed, Cardone’s boss – SCEE boss Jim Ryan – has previously admitted that it would be “undesirable to be significantly later than the competition” in regards to the launch of Sony’s next machine.

Elsewhere in the interview Cardone blames slow Move sales on the lack of a killer app and also says the lack of Japanese-centric games is the cause of Vita’s slow start in Japan.


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Of course they will be last, lets assume that both are revealed at e3 then MS will be first due to their press conf. being held first.
Sony could reveal the "PS4" at TGS (or later) and still meet a similar launch time to the "Xbox 720", most of the games will be multi-platform and would just need porting over. Assuming of course that dev kits arrive late to developers.
This comment does suggest however that Sony aren't that prepared for the next generation.

Phil Evans

Jan 30th 2012 at 11:15AM

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