PlayStation Move sales closing on Kinect

Ben Parfitt
PlayStation Move sales closing on Kinect

Kinect may be a more familiar fixture in the headlines, but a new report suggests that PlayStation Move may be steadily closing the sales gap.

In fact, IndustryGamers reckons that Move is no only around a million units behind Kinect, which has sold 10m worldwide according to Microsoft’s most recent numbers.

This may come as a surprise to some owing to the great job that Microsoft has done in marketing its product.

Kinect enjoyed a record-breaking launch, selling 8m units in just two months and becoming one of the fastest selling gadgets in the world. However, it has since gone on to shift only a further 2m units in the ten months that followed.

In IndustryGamer’s words, “this has lead to some concerns”.

Ubisoft's VP of Marketing Tony Key observed: “It's not healthy to just sell in the holiday, or 90% of your units in the holidays. We would really like to see them have some major launches during the non-holiday part of the year."

In the meantime, Sony has stuck by its motion controller, supporting it with a string of titles and ensuring its integration in a healthy number of triple-A titles.


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If I'm right in saying so, Microsoft announced Kinect topped 10 million in March, so we are stating that haven't sold any in the last 8 months?

James Shepherd

James Shepherd ELITE GAMER
Nov 24th 2011 at 2:01PM

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