Pokédex for iOS arrives... for £17.45

Ben Parfitt
Pokédex for iOS arrives... for £17.45

The Pokémon Company International has today confirmed the release of Pokédex for iOS.

Described as “an illustrated encyclopaedia of more than 640 Pokémon characters”, the app offers a ton of detail about the virtual critters including where they can be found and how best to evolve them.

The initial download costs £1.49 and includes access to the Unova Pokédex, (National Pokédex) including numbers 494–647.

Additional packs cost £3.99 each are as follows: Kanto Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 001–151), Johto Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 152–251), Hoenn Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 252–386), and Sinnoh Pokédex (National Pokédex No. 387–493).

That’s a total cost of just under £17.45.

Still, if you really do have to catch them all…


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