Pokémon promotional push begins

Ben Parfitt
Pokémon promotional push begins

The stars of next month’s highly anticipated Pokémon games are already on shelves – in trading card form.

Released earlier this week, the Zoroark: World of Illusions gift box marked the beginning of a major retail marketing drive for Pokémon Black and White.

The company behind the Pokémon Trading Card Game – Esdevium Games – will complement the release of Pokémon Black and White on March 4th by rolling out three new Sneak Peek packs featuring new monsters.

Additional decks are currently scheduled for release throughout April, as well as an online version of the trading card game.

“We are very in a privileged position to be bringing the new characters to the trading card game so soon,” Esdevium’s marketing exec Ben Hogg told MCV.

“From our long-running experience with the franchise, we know that the launch of Black and White will bring Pokémon to a new generation and we expect big things from the Trading Card Game in 2011.”

Esdevium’s newest products coincide with a massive marketing campaign from Nintendo.

Last Saturday (February 26th) will see the launch of a nationwide sampling tour, allowing shoppers in London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow and Milton Keynes to try out the games ahead of their release.

Print ads began running earlier this week, starting with specialist publications and expanding to national press on February 28th.

Around launch, the games will take over Official Nintendo Magazine’s website, IGN and YouTube, and a wide range of character-led POS will also be available to retailers.


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