POLL: Can the Wii still compete?

James Batchelor
POLL: Can the Wii still compete?

The latest MCV online survey has gone live, in which you can express your opinion on crucial industry issues.

This week, we ask if the Wii can still compete with Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PlayStation 3 in light of the recent price cuts made to these rival consoles. Simply scroll down the homepage and make your choice on the right hand side.

Last week, we asked if the Xbox 360’s price cut was enough for the console to contend with the new, cheaper slimline PS3, yielding the following results:

Yes 40%
No 47%
Let's Wait And See 12%

While results are relatively evenly split, it seems the majority of users believe the £30 drop will be insufficient for the Xbox 360 to fend off the PS3 Slim.

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