Pro Evo patched for PS3

When Sony first released its list of backwards compatible PS2 titles for PS3, the apparent technical issues surrounding Pro Evolution Soccer 6 caused outcry amongst gamers – but Konami has confirmed that a fix for its soccer sim was indeed part of Sony’s latest update.

The main problems surrounded the game’s online functionality, but a statement from Konami claimed today that: “Users updating to PS3 firmware version 1.70 (available since Friday, April 20th) can play both offline and online matches with no known issues.”

In addition, Sony has now updated its backwards compatibility list following its recent firmware download.

Whilst titles such as Final Fantasy XII, Metal Gear Solid 3 and GTA: San Andreas are still burdened by known technical issues, some titles, such as older versions of Pro Evolution Soccer and Resident Evil 4, have apparently been cleared of previous problems.


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