PS2 games to arrive on PS3 in Japan this month

Ben Parfitt
PS2 games to arrive on PS3 in Japan this month

Sony is to introduce a number of PS2 games for PS3 in Japan later this month.

The PlayStation 2 Archives service will arrive on PSN on July 25th. Its debut titles are Resident Evil: Code Veronica (Capcom), Kessen (Tecmo Koei), Siren (Sony), Dragon Force (Sega) and Shin Contra (Konami).

Prices range between ¥1,500 and ¥1,200, Andriasang reports.

Unlike other titles on the PSN Archive service – which currently offers PSOne, PC Engine and TurboGrafx games – the new PS2 selection will be playable only on PS3 and not PSP.

The roster will be updated monthly, with a number of upcoming additions having also been named – Gunstar Heroes (Sega), Dark Cloud (Sony), Castelvania (Konami) and Dead and Alive (Tecmo Koei).

UPDATED: Headline altered to reflect the fact that this is Japanese news. PS2 games have been available for PS3 gamers in Europe for some time.


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