PS4 attracting higher Chinese interest than Xbox One

Ben Parfitt
PS4 attracting higher Chinese interest than Xbox One

A survey conducted by a Chinese news outlet suggests that PS4 is attracting more buyer interest than Xbox One.

Kotaku reports that of the 6,488 Chinese users who responded to a NetEase survey, 57.3 per cent said they would but a PS4. 19 per cent reckon they’ll keep buying hardware from the grey market while just ten per cent are eying up an Xbox One purchase.

In addition, six per cent would like a Vita or PS TV while six per cent reckon they’ll get one of every system.

Considering Microsoft’s struggle to break into Eastern markets the news will come as little surprise. Of course, the Xbox One’s rumoured RRP is unlikely to help either.

Xbox One does have the advantage of being the first to market, though, with a planned September launch. PS4 will arrive at some point after that.


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