PS4 can 'fundamentally alter the landscape for games'

Michael French
PS4 can 'fundamentally alter the landscape for games'

Although triple-A games will 'thrive' on PS4, the hardware's designer says a complementary range of indie games will herald a 'Renaissance of Games on PS4'.

Talking in a keynote today opening the Develop Conference in Brighton, Cerny recounted the history of the new console and his own career.

His verdict, after spending five years researching and designing the cutting-edge PS4, is actually a pointer to the past.

Cerny believes that, as Sony has built both a more accessible platform and a newly accessible PlayStation business for developers, the end result means a more varied slate of games on the platform, like those that originally appeared on the first PlayStation.

He pointed back to 'quirky' original PlayStation games such as Parappa the Rapper, Devil Dice and Intelligence Cube. These were well reviewed million selling boxed games in the '90s but wouldn't have even been greenlit in the more entrenched, triple-A-heavy PS3 era.

"Diversity of games at retail was quite high in the early PlayStation era," he said.

Cerny is optimistic that those kind of experiences can be more prolific on PlayStation (the format holder's own first party commissions have chased this already - such as Journey or the PixelJunk series).

"Heavy content will thrive, but in many ways we will return to the freedom and broad content that made PlayStation unforgettable," he said.

PS4's pitch to developers is that it is "easier to develop original titles on the platform" said Cerny. Sony has done away with concept approval, and the ecosystem on the new console is "designed to foster the growth of indie games" through the share button on Dual Shock 4 and heightened immediacy of downloading games, he added.

It was this that Cerny dubbed 'The Renaissance of Gaming on PS4'.


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