PSP stars in Sony results

PSP was also cited as the main factor behind a huge 52.1 per cent leap in operating income, for its third quarter ending December 31st, bringing the total figure to a huge $575 million. Sales for the company as a whole were up by 10.2 per cent.

PlayStation 2 also continued to perform well, with Sony claiming sales on a par with those in the same quarter of 2004. But the platform holder said that the increase in income was offset by “aggressive research and development spending” on the console’s next-gen successor PS3.

Overall software sales increased, again thanks to PSP, despite a decrease in PS2 game sales.

Sony also hailed the success of its television and VAIO PC business in the report, but said that despite the overall success of the third fiscal quarter, it remained cautious of what it termed “an uncertain global business environment.”

Meanwhile, Sony this week also announced the acquisition of SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive, which becomes part of the SCE Worldwide Studios Network. Day-to-day operations will be run by the existing management team in conjunction with SCE’s Foster City Studio.


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