PSP’s full power finally freed

Ben Parfitt
It has emerged that the most recent firmware update for PSP, numbered 3.5, has removed the software restriction that had previously capped the CPU’s processing speed to 266 MHz, Gameindustry reports.

As a result, developers now have the equivalent of a 20 per cent power upgrade to their future handheld titles – though the update does not apply retrospectively, meaning older titles will not be able to take advantage of it.

With the extra processing power games should be able to run at higher frame rates and display greater numbers of polygons on screen – though such changes will likely have a detrimental effect on the PSP’s battery life.

Some have presumed that this move is the first step in Sony’s preparation for the unveiling of a redesigned PSP, which presumably will boast a longer battery life than the current unit – though Sony is staying quiet on the rumours for the time being.


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