Read this week's MCV online

James Batchelor
Read this week's MCV online

You can now read the digital edition of this week's MCV magazine – simply point your browser here.

You can download the PDF edition or flick through the pages online. Alternatively, for iPad owners, please give our iPad edition a try by downloading it for free from iTunes.

This week's MCV features interviews with Blizzard co-founders Frank Pearce and Mike Morhaime, Ubisoft's Murray Pannell and Rovio's 'Mighty Eagle' Peter Vesterbacka.

There is also an analysis of the games market in Australia & New Zealand and a look at how developers could actually benefit from piracy.

The iPad and online editions of MCV are available now, and both feature trailers for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, Diablo III and Darkspore.
These editions are sponsored by creative agency FreeformLondon, which also sponsors the MCV Online iPhone App.


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