RETAIL BIZ: Out This Week

James Batchelor
RETAIL BIZ: Out This Week

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A couple of high profile releases lead the way for a hefty line-up this week, with The Wheelman and Stormrise hitting the shelves on Friday.

The Wheelman, now co-published by Ubisoft, is Midway’s collaborative project with Vin Diesel’s Tigon Studios. The game sees players engaging in explosive car chases throughout the streets of Barcelona, certain to cater to any gamers needing an action fix this week.

For those seeking a more cerebral, tactical experience, Sega’s Stormrise attempts to refine the RTS genre on consoles. Built for Xbox 360 and PS3 from scratch, the title tasks gamers with commanding futuristic armies from the ground rather than the traditional top-down perspective.

Other notable releases include Monsters Vs Aliens (Activision Blizzard), Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 for Wii (Konami) and Afro Samurai (Atari).


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