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Retail can latch onto eSports mania with new StarCraft expansion

Billy Langsworthy
Retail can latch onto eSports mania with new StarCraft expansion

UK retail can now get involved in the eSports phenomenon thanks to a new StarCraft expansion.

Heart of Swarm launches next month, and Blizzard is embracing the game’s eSports popularity by teaming up with big names in that sector.

“Blizzard’s eSports partners have taken a very active role in creating and promoting streaming content, show matches, and tournaments with Heart of the Swarm, featuring some of the community’s most accomplished pro-gamers,” said a Blizzard spokesperson.

“Many of these pro-gamers also regularly stream their Heart of the Swarm practice sessions online to thousands of viewers.”

Retail will hope to cash in on the growing appeal of eSports, which last year saw 900,000 people tune into a League of Legends final through video service Twitch TV.

“For many players, StarCraft II is more than just a game – players become part of a tight-knit global community united by memorable game experiences, a popular eSport, and a shared cultural identity,” added the Blizzard spokesperson.

StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm lands on shelves on March 12th.


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