Saints Row 3 due November

Dominic Sacco
Saints Row 3 due November

Saints Row: The Third will be released in November on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC, developer Volition has confirmed.

The sandbox gangster game and GTA rival will arrive in the US on November 15th and three days later in the UK on November 18th.

Volition’s senior producer Greg Donovan told GameSpot the dates in a video interview at E3, where he also ran through some of the game’s features including new over-the-top kung fu attacks, flame-throwing jet fighters, firing pedestrians out of cannons and more.

THQ’s CEO Brian Farrell previously said that Saints Row: The Third will be a “significant growth driver” for the publisher. The third-person action series has already sold over 6m units worldwide.

Production of PSN and Xbox Live game Saints Row Drive By was recently canned.


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