Sony 3D glasses to cost £90

Ben Parfitt
Sony 3D glasses to cost £90

Electronics giant Sony is expected to release its first commercially available 3DTVs in the UK market this June – but as is the case with all early adopters, those wishing to take the plunge early on face a hefty outlay.

Sony’s first 3D sets will include in the box two sets of active shutter specs and a 3D emitter. However, households where more than two people are expected to watch the TV at any one time face an additional fee of £90 per pair – at least, that’s a direct translation of the Japanese price.

In addition, sets not boasting an in-built emitter will need an external one, the price of which being £33.

This, of course, comes on top of the high price the first 3DTVs will retail for. Japanese launch prices for Sony’s LX900 translate to around £4,325 for the 60” model and £2,130 for the smaller 40” unit.

The entry level HX800 set will see prices starting from £1,630, though both an emitter and specs will have to be bought separately to watch 3D footage on these units.

Other TVs supporting 3D-compatible displays include the HX700, HX900 and NX900.

It was claimed earlier this week that Sony is prepping a 3D update for the PS3 to coincide with the TV’s arrival in June.


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