Sony halves damages demand

August 5th by Ben Parfitt

Sony has halved the damages it is seeking from retailers it has clashed with over the importing of PSP hardware.

MCV has learned that at least one UK retailer, originally ordered to pay £1,000 costs, has been approached with a fresh deal of £500 after standing firm.

The new deal has sparked outrage amongst traders who paid the full sum without argument, with many feeling that they are being penalised for failing to resist.

Sony refused to speak on-the-record on the matter, but a source told MCV: “We are not prepared to comment on the on-going legal situation. This should have really been kept confidential and the retailers involved are not doing themselves any favours by forwarding this information.”

Commenting on Sony’s actions, legal analyst Osborne Clarke’s Mark Finn said: “Sony is entitled to be compensated for any loss that has occurred as a result of PSP sales. Any amount it names is nominal, probably plucked out of the air. Parties can challenge this figure but if an agreement is not reached Sony can make a claim.”


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