Sony pledges a decade of support for Vita

Craig Chapple
Sony pledges a decade of support for Vita

Sony sees Vita as a five-to-ten year platform and is bullish on its potential for success, the console giant’s SVP of brand marketing has said.

Speaking to GameTrailers, Guy Langworth said that Sony was looking to establish the PS Vita as “the number one handheld console in the world”.

He added however that it would take two to three years to judge whether the platform had been a success or failure.

Sister site Develop has the full story.


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Ofcourse it'll take 2-3 years to judge success, it'll take 18 months before they figure out if people are willing to adopt their way of getting stuff out there & pricing structure, but it's all about how the consumer perceives the machine in relation to the competition. It's a different marketplace from where Sony were when the PSP launched, app gaming is more advanced now than it was then, they don't just have Nintendo to compete against any longer & well, lets face it, we're in pretty dire economic times. Don't get me wrong i liked the PSP as a machine, it had great potential, but it didn't really take off the way the DS did and eventually retailers sorta Gamecubed it!

The problems will start if they decide to punish retail with a markedly higher physical price - ofcourse digital will be cheaper as there's less overheads, but if they start charging 30% more for the physical copy it could be a bad move. For as much as retail's suffering right now they're still in possession of a mighty marketing tool - word of mouth, as a gamer i don't buy games based on flashy posters or ad campaigns, i'll ask staff who might have played it what they think because well, we all know shovelware can be given a million dollar ad campaign to make it look good!

Allan Mounce

Allan Mounce ELITE GAMER
Feb 20th 2012 at 3:19PM

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