Square Enix says goodbye to losses, posts profit

Ben Parfitt
Square Enix says goodbye to losses, posts profit

It might be a tough market out there, but Japanese publisher Square Enix has enjoyed a strong year.

Having posted a loss of ¥12bn ($150m) in the previous year, Square Enix achieved profit of ¥6.1bn ($76m) in its last financial year. Revenue was up 2.1 per cent at ¥127.9bn ($1.6bn).

Its Digital Entertainment Division, home of its gaming operations, enjoyed strong sales of both Final Fantasy XII-2 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution – the latter of which has sold 2.18m copies worldwide since its release in August.

There was digital and mobile success, too, with Final Fantasy Brigade now enjoying in excess of 2m registered users.

The publisher has, however, delayed upcoming release Tomb Raider until Q1 2013.


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