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Stardock opens mobile division

Erik Johnson
Stardock opens mobile division

PC games and software developer Stardock has announced the launch of Stardock Mobile, a new division focusing on creating strategy titles for smartphones and tablets.

"The goal at Stardock is to create great strategy games — whether that's on a PC, phone or tablet," Stardock vice president Derek Paxton stated.

The division currently has three games in the works, including Dead Man’s Draw (pictured) – a strategy card game set to launch on iOS next month.

"Dead Man's Draw focuses the decisions of a strategy game to that single moment where you either commit to jump off the cliff, or back off and play it safe, all within a game that only takes a few minutes to play," Paxton said.

Stardock Mobile’s other two titles, Hero Busters and Star Trails, are expected to arrive in early 2014.


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