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Tearaway stars in new Vita Mega Pack

Christopher Dring
Tearaway stars in new Vita Mega Pack

Sony is getting behind Vita once again this autumn, and has revealed a new bundle featuring Tearaway.

The Adventure Mega Pack (which will retail for about £30) features the award-winning platformed, plus Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Escape Plan, TxK.

All games come on an 8GB memory card.

As per usual, there will be a full console bundle as well, featuring a digital voucher for all five games and a Vita Slim. It will retail for the same price of a standalone Vita.

Sony received some moderate criticism from Vita fans at Gamescom for not revealing enough Vita titles. In truth, a lot of the titles on show were coming to Vita as well. We even saw a Vita ad at the weekend, and with PlayStation TV coming later in the year, there's life left in the handheld.


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