Third Layton given release date

Ben Parfitt
Third Layton given release date

Nintendo has confirmed an October 22nd release date for Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

The game is the third outing for the handheld puzzle-adventure and sees the Professor and Luke dealing with a future threat to London. It includes 165 new puzzles and several new mini-games – as well as a Super Hint feature for those who find certain puzzles a bit too taxing.

Also included are a higher number of animated movie scenes and a greater emphasis on narrative. DLC will also be made available over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connect.

“Players will be able to discover more about the Professor's mysterious past through flashbacks,” the press release reads.

“The story is revealed with full-motion animation sequences that will explain the secrets behind Professor Layton's lost lover and how he obtained his well-renowned hat.”


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